The N-Mark is the universal symbol that tells users that NFC technology is available. It can be used to indicate the presence of NFC technology as well as a touchpoint to show users where to tap to activate the data transfer. From mobile device interfaces to consumer product packaging, and from application screens to smart posters, the N-Mark is where users look worldwide to find NFC in action.

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n-mark-logo-medThe N-Mark is available to anyone working in NFC technology. To download source files for the N-Mark, simply sign our standard trademark license agreement and you are ready to go!

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In Use on Devices

The N-Mark is used as a technology indicator, touchpoint and NFC-enabled indicator both on mobile devices and within applications.


In Use in the Market

The N-Mark is used to show where mobile device users should tap to board a plane, read a smart poster, sync their device, link to product information and more.