NFC: Tool for Customer Support

A guest blog by Nathan Neil of Purple Deck Media, Inc.

Prior to founding Purple Deck Media, I worked as a technology consultant with a customer support team.  One thing that was always a challenge was getting a consumer’s information about their device. The serial number and other identifiers on the bottom of the machine would often fade or become unreadable due to typical use. Now with NFC and the seamless process that it provides in launching information, this problem can be easily corrected. With a wave of the consumer’s phone, the device information and troubleshooting steps for it can easily be attained.

This concept can apply to more than just computers. I often use the example of my washing machine that broke.  It took me hours to figure out what was wrong with it and even longer to find a proper replacement part. With NFC, manufacturers can easily place tags onto their products to facilitate a good support experience.  Imagine if I could just wave my phone over a tag on the machine and get the number for customer support along with the user guide. That would make a frustrating situation a lot easier to handle as customer support takes over.

nfc-stickerWith dynamic management of NFC, management in which contents of the tag can be updated from the cloud, additional benefits can be realized.  A TV manufacturer, for example, could have an NFC sticker on the back of their device with support information and one click ordering for a newer model if you would choose to upgrade accompanied by a coupon or sale discount-type prompt.

Do you have central air in your home? If you do then you know that it should be regularly maintained to avoid a costly bill later on. With a dynamic NFC system, the company that services your unit can update the tag with information about the next service date with one-click link to company contact for easy call-in to customer support.

Every product that utilizes a need for customer support from the manufacturer should have an NFC tag on it. NFC is going to be the major driver of the future of interaction. Allowing our ‘devices’ to help guide us to the right channel of support will thoroughly enhance the way we go through our daily lives.

Click here to see a little fun sketch that we put together to show how easy NFC makes customer and product support.  Note: These are interns and not real actors 🙂



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