Developer Inspiration: #NFCforGood

We are serving up some developer inspiration today on the Spotlight blog. There is certainly no shortage of innovative apps and products that are NFC-enabled, but sometimes you come across one that gives you pause. A product that, because of the NFC technology, makes a true impact on the world. Khushi Baby is one such product. Kushi Baby NFC necklace - winner of UNICEF wearables for good challenge

This NFC Necklace is the winner of UNICEF’s Wearables for Good Challenge, a program developed in collaboration with ARM and frog. What makes Kushi Baby NFC necklace so special? For starters, Khushi Baby’s mobile app allows community health workers to scan the NFC chip in the necklace and connect to a central database to access health records, without needing connectivity. This even works in the most remote rural communities.The health implications of this necklace are profound. But a solution is only useful when the target audience is a willing participant. What truly makes this product and app remarkable is the fact that the Kushi Baby team took cultural aspects into consideration during the product development phase, making the adoption of this product more viable. At first glance the Kushi Baby necklace is simply a traditional kaala dhaago black thread worn by Indian children to protect them from the evil eye (nazar). That’s what we call a brilliant blend of tradition and technology. Well done, Khushi Baby team!  Read more details on the Kushi Baby website, including how you can donate to their efforts.

We hope this application inspires developers to think outside the box with their next great project. We encourage you to use our Knowledge Base that contains SDKs, Specification Architecture information, Branding Elements and more. Can’t wait to see what you develop. Be sure to share your brilliance on our NFC Product Showcase. We’ll be sure to share your creation on our social media channels, with the hashtag: #NFCforGood.


Photo from UNICEF Wearables for Good site


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