NFC: Impact on Hospitality Services

A guest blog by Nathan Neil, Purple Deck Media

NFC Technology at wineries

Summer is coming to a close, but let me take you on a weekend trip in the form of a narrative to see the possibilities that an NFC-enabled world facilitates. In my last blog post, we explored NFC’s impact on manufacturing, health care, and academics. In this post we are going to explore hospitality services and focus on tourism, restaurants, and wineries. When you go on a trip you need lodging accommodations, you may see some historical sites, and may want to find other attractions to visit in the area. I love food and cannot go on any trip without spending most of the budget on good meals. What goes great with a good dinner? A nice Cabernet. Let’s begin our journey!


At the beginning of our journey we need to check into our hotel. During the check-in process we can tap our smartphone to an NFC tag to easily connect to the hotels wireless. In the halls of the hotel are beautiful paintings. Upon tapping our phone to the tag on one of the frames, we learn that the painting is by a local artist with a gallery down the street. We decide to take a break from our drive to the hotel, which was guided by an NFC tag on one of the hotels brochures. Prompting the turn by turn direction from the brochure was so much easier than trying to load the address into the GPS. The door on the room is secured with an RFID lock with an NFC enabled TV, which prompts the channel guide with a tap of our phone.

After a nice rest, we decide to go see one of the town’s sites that is rich in history.  A kiosk for the visitor’s bureau is in the lobby. With a simple tap, we have navigation launched to a Veteran’s Memorial. At the memorial we see several stands depicting the information of the park, historical significance, and more.  We find that if we tap the NFC tags on the information stands that we get additional information about the parks founding and can search the directory of veterans honored in the memorial. Along our trail of history is video narratives, using NFC to easily prompt the story.

After our exploration we decide to go back to the hotel and find a local restaurant to visit. Using the same bureau kiosk we tap and launch business directory with star ratings to discover a restaurant that fits our appetite.


At the restaurant we were fascinated that while we waited we could tap an NFC tag and pull up the menu in addition to connecting to their Wi-Fi. When we sit down at our table we see that there is another NFC tag.  A tap on it produced a special promotion for their featured entrée that evening. My wife, who can be picky, used the NFC tag on her menu to pull up health and ingredient details for each course.

As we finished our meal and the waiter brings our check we tap the NFC tag on the outside of the check-holder and are prompted to complete a customer satisfaction survey and sign up for email alerts. This place was great. I think we will sign up for the next time we are in town.


Wineries are another great example of a business that can provide an engaging experience for guests.  As we tour the local area we find a great winery and decide to do a tasting. The NFC tag on the counter allows us to get an idea of the various wines offered.

NFC provides more than just mobile payments, but does facilitate payments as well.  We use our smartphones to pay for our tasting and a great cheese plate.  A bottle we selected also has an NFC tag on it, a tap of a phone provides a video that showcases a dinner pairing that is suggested for the wine, along with additional information and about the awards that the winery has received.

As we end our trip we have learned that NFC is a great tool for content delivery providing us with rapid access to information. What is great about the story is that the technology is here and is starting to rapidly grow.We need to work together to educate the public on NFC and its uses so that everyone can tap into the opportunities through NFC. Developers, are you inspired by the possibilities of NFC yet?!

In my next post we will explore the education opportunities that NFC-enabled zoos, aquariums, and other destinations can provide.


About our guest blogger:
Nathan Neil is a graduate of Shippensburg University with a BSBA in Management Information Systems. Neil and the team at Purple Deck Media have been working with NFC technology for the last three years, specializing in unique ways to implement the technology to better businesses and provide information to consumers. Neil is a three time winner of the Grace Murray Hopper Prize and Intel Excellence in Computer Science award. Every Thursday morning, Neil speaks on NewsTalkFM 103.7 about the importance of cyber security and NFC. More recently, Neil cofounded the Scotland Summit, a business collaboration organization that is bringing businesses together to come up with new and creative ideas. Follow Nathan on Twitter: @nathanneil

About Purple Deck Media:
Purple Deck Media is a content delivery company focused on mobile content delivery and inventory tracking through NFC, iBeacon, geofences, and mobile applications. A finalist in the PA Big Idea Competition in 2014 and a finalist for the PA Community ImPAct award, Purple Deck Media strives to educate the public on advancements with mobile technology in addition to providing these tools to businesses and organizations to succeed. Purple Deck Media’s platform is special in the way that it is customizable and dynamic, providing the capability to manage, organize, and gather metrics from NFC tags. Located in Scotland, PA with strategic partners and alliances worldwide. PDM is leading the way for cloud management and interaction from the cloud to mobile devices. Follow Purple Deck on Twitter: @purpledeckmedia


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