NFC: More than Just Mobile Payments

NFC in academicsA guest blog by Nathan Neil, Purple Deck Media

When consumers and developers think about NFC, most associate it with mobile payments, Apple Pay, and others. Even though the global mobile payment industry is estimated to be worth $2.8 trillion by 2020, the possibilities for NFC uses and applications do not end there. Virtually any vertical of business benefits from embedded NFC technology. Our company has consulted with and begun planning NFC implementations for multiple verticals, proving to our team that the applications of use for NFC are limitless.

In the last three years of our research, testing, and implementation we have found several uses for NFC tied to our platform to help businesses and full industries lower their costs, increase productivity, while also providing an engaging experience for the mobile consumer. In this post we provide a snapshot of three verticals with huge potential.


Many manufacturing companies lose over $1 million dollars per year from misplaced or lost inventory. With NFC you can create a streamlined inventory tracking system to track items through the assembly process. On the manufacturing floor, NFC implementations provide assembly line personnel rapid access to crucial information on the product they are building, further increasing productivity and safety at the same time. After internal operations are completed, the use of NFC does not end. Each product is tagged, providing the purchaser access to warranty information, user manuals, and help desk support.

Health Care and Security

In a society that has an increasing need for stronger security it is important to add multiple layers to authentication. NFC creates a second-tier authentication system for a health network and adds a second layer on top of the typical user names and passwords, substantially lowering the risk of a successful brute force attack. In addition, NFC offers great benefits to help hospitals optimize their resources in being able to track clean rooms, patients, and staff in addition to having patient information secured. We are working on moving hospitals away from the traditional arm bands with information printed on them to an NFC arm band that connects in with their patient records. Through a multi-level security platform the patient’s data is secure in the hospital and after their stay– no data can be recovered from a discarded arm band.


More and more education materials from K12 to the college level are going digital. Our company has been working with colleges and higher education facilities to help increase their student engagement. The potential for NFC applications in academics is tremendous. College campuses are excited to implement digital access to syllabuses and course schedules through an NFC tag on the door. NFC enabled desks can also facilitate the opportunity for live polls, rapid access to suggested reading, and assignments. College athletics are also excited for armband products that provide fans with a way to get real time score information for their team.


In this blog we took a quick look at just three verticals, beyond payment, where NFC adds significant value. NFC is going to continue to grow, dominate, and become part of our daily lives and this represents a myriad of opportunities for developers. In my next blog post we will take a look at three other industries and provide examples of their use of NFC, as we move towards becoming a more engaged and mobile society.

About our guest blogger:
Nathan Neil is a graduate of Shippensburg University with a BSBA in Management Information Systems. Neil and the team at Purple Deck Media have been working with NFC technology for the last three years, specializing in unique ways to implement the technology to better businesses and provide information to consumers. Neil is a three time winner of the Grace Murray Hopper Prize and Intel Excellence in Computer Science award. Every Thursday morning, Neil speaks on NewsTalkFM 103.7 about the importance of cyber security and NFC. More recently, Neil cofounded the Scotland Summit, a business collaboration organization that is bringing businesses together to come up with new and creative ideas. Follow Nathan on Twitter: @nathanneil

About Purple Deck Media:
Purple Deck Media is a content delivery company focused on mobile content delivery and inventory tracking through NFC, iBeacon, geofences, and mobile applications. A finalist in the PA Big Idea Competition in 2014 and a finalist for the PA Community ImPAct award, Purple Deck Media strives to educate the public on advancements with mobile technology in addition to providing these tools to businesses and organizations to succeed. Purple Deck Media’s platform is special in the way that it is customizable and dynamic, providing the capability to manage, organize, and gather metrics from NFC tags. Located in Scotland, PA with strategic partners and alliances worldwide. PDM is leading the way for cloud management and interaction from the cloud to mobile devices. Follow Purple Deck on Twitter: @purpledeckmedia

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