How to Connect with NFC Developers & Entrepreneurs

Sure, we created this site to provide developers with a go-to source for NFC support, developer kits and to give you a spot to show off your NFC products and apps. Online help is great, but face-to-face contact is where your ideas get validated, your questions truly understood. With goal of creating community, we started an NFC Meetup in Boston (just for starters, since it is in our backyard). In a few short weeks our little (local) community grew to 63 NFC-ers, as we call them — people who care about NFC technology and want to learn about the latest NFC case studies, collaborate with other NFC enthusiasts and talk business strategies. Last Thursday we held a Meetup event at District Hall in Boston, thanks to some generous donations from our sponsors. The result?

Lots of interesting NFC stories and helpful information shared by speakers

Boston Tap into NFC Meetup

An opportunity for a hands-on look at NFC products

NFC technology in action

And a chance to exchange ideas, make connections with other members of the NFC community, and of course, eat pizza!

NFC networking opportunity

Here’s the presentation deck from the event:


A huge thank you to all that braved the Boston traffic and hung out with us for the night — whether you were a sponsor, speaker or attendee — your participation was greatly valued. We are excited continue to grow the NFC community. If you are interested in hosting a Meetup in your corner of the world, let us know. Shoot us an email with the subject line: NFC Meetup.


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