Life Hack with NFC Technology

A guest blog by Julien Veuillet,

Whether for identification, payment or commercial support purposes, NFC technology is now widely adopted by professionals and individuals.

But do you know about all the uses and advantages of NFC?

We already know about the access cards or contactless bank cards that save us some time every day. But there are also several mobile applications made to simplify your life using the NFC technology.

By tapping your device near an NFC chip (a tag), these applications allow you to perform actions and automate tasks that were once repetitive.

Before going to sleep, simply pass your phone over your NFC tag and it automatically turns off the Wi-Fi, switches your sound profile to silence and turns on your alarm for the next day. Quite practical isn’t it?

Activate your Bluetooth, set an alarm, control the volume, play music, share a Wi-Fi network configuration, etc… All these actions are performed automatically without any effort. This is what the NFC Tools application on Android allows you to do, as presented here in the first part of this how to video (at minute 6:25):

With both simple and more complex actions, the possibilities are endless for the users. This is why it is mainly the users who imagine these uses, because they directly correspond to their needs. The Outware company in Australia appropriated this technology too and adapted it to provide an original Wi-Fi access point designed entirely with a 3D printer and a NFC tag. And passing customers in the company premises can connect to the Wi-Fi with a simple gesture.

Life hack with NFC technology.

For the most technophile among us (the “geeks”), you can program NFC tags to execute when certain conditions are met. Some interesting examples include; customizing your schedule, asking a question, and pairing to a Bluetooth device. The list goes on, depending on your creativity!

#LifeHack with NFC. Use NFC technology to simplify your life.

And for others, the NFC is directly in their home automation systems and connected objects where each NFC tag will control their house: turning on lights, opening blinds…

Sure, NFC has great potential in many areas. But always with the same objective: make your life easier.

About our guest blogger: 

Julien Veuillet is an indie developer and creator of innovations. He is the author of the popular NFC app on Android : NFC Tools.



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