Android HCE- An intro to the world of NFC

Last week the NFC Forum had the pleasure of attending, sponsoring and exhibiting at AnDevCon in San Francisco. During the Android App classes Neel Rao, Associate Product Manager at Google, gave a fantastic talk on Android HCE — An intro into the world of NFC. Here’s an overview by Neel of his presentation:

In these slides you will learn about how to make basic card emulation (HCE) apps on Android devices. HCE lets your phone interact with NFC readers and terminals with just a tap. Use cases include building access, loyalty, and transit. HCE also allows your phone to act as a mobile wallet, which is becoming increasingly popular. We will walk through the two stages of HCE development along with some relevant code snippets. For more information, please visit .


Many thanks to Neel for sharing his wisdom and getting people excited to develop with NFC! To see more useful presentations check out the Knowledge Base section of our site.

Questions about Android HCE? Developing with NFC? Ask away in the comment section below.


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