NFC Forum Member Profile: Stephen Tiedemann


NFC Forum member Stephen Tiedemann

An active member of the NFC Forum since 2007, Stephen first made his mark contributing to the development of the Logical Link Control Protocol (LLCP) specification and publishing the first LLCP implementation as open source. Building on LLCP, he initiated and led the development of the Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol (SNEP) specification towards a unified layer of NFC Forum Data Exchange between devices and tags.

He has since held several technology- and market-focused leadership roles, including six years as Vice-Chair and later Chair of the Reference Application Framework (RAF) Working Group. In those roles, he spearheaded the writing and publication of the Connection Handover Technical Specification and the Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing Application Document, both of which enable features such as touch-to-play or image sharing with a simple touch on consumer electronics devices. Stephen was also the active driver behind the NFC Personal Health Device Communication Specification, which complements the Continua Health Alliance and IEEE specifications for health data transfer.

As Chair of the Health Care Special Interest Group (SIG), Stephen helped the NFC Forum and Continua Health Alliance achieve a close collaboration on personal health data exchange with NFC, enabling intuitive and failsafe operation of equipment in areas such as medical care provision, pharmaceuticals, and wellness.

When he’s not on Forum business, Stephen is Principal R&D Engineer at Sony Corporation’s European Technology Center in Stuttgart, Germany. Most of his 15-year career in research and development has been devoted to consumer device connectivity, including NFC and one-to-many digital video broadcast over many-to-many home device connectivity on Firewire, Wi-Fi and Powerline networks. The simplicity of NFC-based device interaction coincides perfectly with his ever-increasing interest in usability.


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