Keep your passwords secure with ScanPassNFC

The more difficult your password, the more secure you are, right? But who wants to menuremember long and complex strings of letters, numbers and symbols—let alone type them in each time. Solution: ScanPassNFC from Red Hound Software.

Says Red Hound, “Among other features, the application writes encrypted data to an NFC tag. It can then read and decrypt the data as an Android input method. This enables the use of a very strong password to open a password database used on the device without having to manually type the password and without leaving the password exposed in plaintext form. The application generates a fresh key pair used to encrypt/decrypt data when it is first launched. To facilitate use of a single tag with multiple devices, keys can be shared with other devices via NFC.”

More about the app:scan-nfc

Secure passwords are important. Entering a secure password using a touchscreen keyboard is difficult and time consuming. ScanPassNFC lets you read passwords from encrypted NFC tags rather than typing them on your device’s keyboard. Passwords are encrypted to prevent use by unauthorized devices.


  • Input Methods allow you to use a QR scanner or NFC reader as a keyboard to type passwords (or other text) directly into other applications.
  • Scan encrypted NFC tags to the clipboard.
  • Scan encrypted or plaintext QR codes to the clipboard.
  • Generate keys and publish public key certificates to Drop Box and external storage (SD card).
  • Share private keys between devices over NFC, so that one tag can be used with all your devices.
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