Get more done quickly with NFC Toolkit For Windows

In addition to reading and writing tags, the NFC Toolkit app for Windows nfc-toolkitphone lets you create Profiles. What are profiles? They are a series of actions that your phone can undertake based on your settings. So you tap one NFC tag, for example and you can launch multiple applications in a row. Cool, no?

More about the app

This is not another app that reads and writes tags. It is able to that, but it provides you also profiles. What are profiles you ask?

Basically, profiles open settings pages in a row to make it easy for you to set up your device. Example: You leave your house, need to deactivate Wi-Fi, activate 3G for music streaming and also Bluetooth for connecting to your car radio when you go to work. That’s one of our profiles.

We have also some extras like a car dashboard or a shopping list that you can save on a NFC tag – and much more features!

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